Smells Like Dean Spirit

Hi there.

My name is Tierra.

(not Tiara because my name is Spanish)!

You want to know how old I am,

You message me. :-)

WWE is superb. I got the WWE Network for $9.99. :D

DC and Marvel are amazing

I prefer DC though

Dean Ambrose is bae

Seth Rollins is forgiven

Roman Reigns got that hair

Been to Main Event and Smackdown

Superstars and RAW

I got Roman's attention

Sheamus said hi to me

Justin Roberts even said hi

I couldn't even....

Coffee is great

Lasagna is the reason I eat a lot

Walking Dead is life

Bob's Burgers makes me happy

I reblog anything to makes me happy

My personality is all over the place

Just take a look at my blog and you will see

Follow for a follow

No racists



Or the like allowed

I'm generally nice

But....don't get on my bad side...Mkay

I type fanfiction :D is where you will find me

Have a nice day.


I’ll still believe.

I’ll still believe.

tears are in my eyes but they're gone now it'll be okay

I’ll still believe.

tears are in my eyes but they're gone now it'll be okay
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